Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation Question 6

Q6) Audience feedback and comment
From the response we received from the audience when viewing Violet in The Screen On The Green, I'd like to believe that we accomplished the goals we set to achieve such as gaining a visceral reaction from the audience which I can gladly say was achieved when Violet used false plateau to entice the audiences attention and appearing when least expected. The applause we received reflected the time and effort we put into making the thriller so we as a group were really pleased with the outcome. Despite this not being our initial target audience we gained positive feedback from the Media teachers outside of the cinema one even saying 'My personal favourite' so in theory our target audience enjoyed our thriller and people outside the target audience such as students enjoyed it, a much better outcome we could have expected. 
With no further adieu here is some class feedback after watching the finished product;

Here is some clips of feedback;

The wordle below illustrates the most commonly used words in describing Violet - received by peers;
Finally as previously mentioned from blog 4&5. Here is the audience feedback from our film violet that I posted on Facebook yesterday. As illustrated we received a lot of feedback in a course of a couple of hours

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