Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation Question 2

2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Social groups play a huge part in many films. It is the difference between creating a stereotypical predictable character and unpredictable that challenges the stereotypes. In Violet the main villainous character is represented as a stereotypical obsessed man who cannot stand the fact that the woman he loves does not love him which leads to the woman meeting her demise to a psychologically disturbed man. As shown in the image of the disturbed man in The Grudge 2 . We wished to gain the same reminiscent disturbing feel as it so we tried to replicate some of the mise en scene to The Grudge. As illustrated, in most psychological thrillers the villain is a grown man in his late thirties upwards, in our thriller we have decided to directly challenge it with a young teen playing the psychologically disturbed character. Although we did harness some of the stereotypical traits of the villainous male such as the attire - rather than being a stereotypical teenager that wears hoodies and caps we chose to attire our character in a neat shirt that pushes the expected age group a few years higher as a sense of maturity is usually connoted with this simple item. Also we chose to refrain from the main male character from cutting his hair in doing the shots of the "day it happened" to show he is a bit off key and stressed like the father in The Grudge. We also chose to make the reminiscent scenes black and white to accentuate the bleak emotions he is feeling. As the images show the scenes take place very similarly with the Dad in the Grudge catching glimpse of the diary containing a love affair his wife is undergoing and the shot from Violet showing the man looking through the images of Violet.

With our second character Violet we decided to go with the stereotypical female victim that is very innocent and caring. Stereotypically the character is played by a Blonde white girl that connotes promiscuity and daftness however we chose to challenge it with a brunette girl that represents knowledge and far more awareness as reflected in the horror movie Scream where the Blonde girl is the first to perish and the Brunette is the only one to survive. This has been flipped in our film violet with our brunette being dead from the beginning of our film similarly like the brunette girl in Ghost Ship. We chose to highlight the innocence and purity of our character through a traditional white dress .

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