Thursday, 7 April 2011

Question 7

What have you learnt about technologies?

Throughout the whole process we have learnt to use different technologies as we go along.

The JVC cameras.
The camera's that let us create the actual film aswell as the prelim. The cameras helped us achieve a proffesional quality film. They can be complicated to use, we had a lesson prepping us with how to use them.


Memory Cards.
 They were essential in holding all our film work. They slot into the cameras and directly into the Apple Macs. Without them, we couldnt't store all of the work so far.

Video Drive.
Simila to the Memory cards, it stores all of our filmw work, bnut also, all of the editing, sounds and finished woirk we have constructed together,

This is where we did all of the editing, aswell as using quicktime and other sodftwares. There were two types of macs, one with a splitscreen and one Apple mac.


(Livetype, soundtrack pro & final cut pro): This is where all of the clips are created into an opening. Each programme let us do a different thing to construct the film together. For example, create titles, sound and actually edit all of the clips together. We did run into oa few problems, but our teachers and the technicians at he college were very helpful.

Quicktime player.
Allows us to making screen recordings to show how we've worked.

Digital and Flick camera's.
Allowed us to record what we've done over the eyear, and record people's reactions to our film in a quicjk and easy way.
This very website that allows us to share our ideas and catch up on work we may have missed. It is so much more interesting then writing essays on paper, and it allows us to post videos and pictures.

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