Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation - Question 8

The prelim in my eyes was more of a learning experience then a test of quality. Since then we have broadened our skills so much by experimenting with the technology. As we became more confident, we realised that we can do almost anything with the equipment given to us.

We have developed stylised editing since first doing the prelim and have learnt how to construct different things together. The jump cuts look so effective due to making them black and white, negative and embossing two clips over each other; all things we never knew how to do at the start of the course.

We have also learnt to take attention to detail with things like the mise en scene as it really did make a difference to the outcome of the opening. She looks scary, but we can still see an innocence in her. With the use of a simple dress, we have mastered the art of representation.

We have considered the location and how it will effect the film. I turned out to be very effective as some of the feedback complimented the eerie woods.

The sound used in the prelim was pretty simple, but we have made it more interesting by adding sound effects, like the broken chair and the forest sounds. We have showed that we can work with different.

All in all i think the work we have done looks not only more professional but more aesthetically pleasing. Through editing, we have taken seemingly boring clips and turned them into interesting and scary pieces. I personally think our work has developed from the basic setting  an camera shots to unique angles and effective editing.

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