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8) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?
Task: Export some short clips from your preliminary task and compare them with come clips from your final production to demonstrate how you and your skills have progressed.

When I re watched our prelim, I straight away saw how developed we are with our computer skills as well as editing and music choice. One of the most important things that I have learnt, throughout making short films and clips, is that timing is EVERYTHING. And the one thing that I saw whilst watching this prelim is that the timing of the film and sound are out of place with each other.
In our film however- the sound/ music in it was very crucial as the sound itself should set the mood of the entire title sequence. Because of the way our film was edited, the films music is very important and so we couldn't risk being lazy when editing the sound effects and music.

Out of everything that we have learned to do throughout the progress of the film making, we have improved the most in editing. As we look back at the Prelim film, the editing is a bit of a mess! As well as the timing of the shots are not in sync with the captures of the clips.
Where as in our final edit of the 'Violet' title sequence, the timing is as good as we could have gotten it. I think this is most likely because by this time, we had already used the final cut pro a dozen times as well as the soundtrack pro in past projects.

As I have mentioned above, in the Violet sequence, timing is crucial! Especially when it comes to thriller openings that are supernatural. Which is what our title sequence genre is. A supernatural thriller. The sound effects and the music itself is very important in the Violet title sequence due to the music being nearly 'in charge' of creating a haunting effect to the clips.


The mise en scene, the door on the right  Was specifically chosen to be filmed because of the stained glass windows and old 'look' to it. And the door on the left, Has that yellow wire which helps the audience understand that its a crime scene.


In the prelim, we did the filming during class and we were not prepared for the 'wardrobe' of the filming and so we had to deal with what we had in school. Luckily, Mary and Rebbecca had fake blood in the school and so we would have the blood for the 'victim' on the floor (below- colored image). Where as when we were filming the final Violet project, we had pre bought the dress (below- black and white image), made the fake blood and chosen the destinations of filming before hand. Which really helped us when filming because unlike filming the Prelim, we were organized as well as prepared for each clip and take that we were going to do- where as because of the absence of a student in our group- we had to improvise part of the film in the end of the prelim which was not helpful during the comparative research for our jelly baby prelim cut. As well as just more work that shouldn't have been necessary if it were not for the students absence.

Whilst editing the prelim clips, we did not do any effects or techniques. I think this is because we weren't comfortable to go 'out there' just yet because of the fear of it ending up looking bad and not what we were aiming for in the final prelim. And so what we thought would be simple enough is to use the camera angle skills to improve the film itself. And so instead of effects- which are used throughout the Violet film, we based our skills on angles and lighting to get us through to a good mark and review other than going over board with loads of effects on our first attempt of film editing. 
And so, when we were editing the Violet sequence, we had researched a lot on other titles sequences that had different effects as well as editing techniques. Such as the title opening SEVEN, this was one of the main inspirations for out title sequence as it was something that us as a group loved to have in in our title sequence. 

Throughout the section of editing in soundtrack pro- in the Prelim, it was our first ever attempt to edit the sounds and music and create the timing of it to create a potent film. As you can tell from the link above that links to the prelim clip, the timing wasn't our best. 
In the beginning of the film- there are violins that create a sort of tense effect that possibly suggests something intense is going to happen later on in the clip- which does happen, as soon as the actor walks over to the victims body- the sound changes to a ambiance effect.  Even though I liked this bit of the sound- after the gun shot sounds, there is an irritating 'ticking' sound that carries on for the rest of the film. Not only is it not fitting- but it also drowns out the actors voices.
This was probably done because of the 'rush' when making the soundtrack as we didn't have enough time to edit our film in class- due to us spending all of our time on filming. And so we had to edit our prelim during lunch breaks- which didn't give us enough time till the deadline of the prelim clip. 
This is the reason why our film's soundtrack sounds halfheartedly done.

On the Violet project however, we all individually worked really hard to create the project sound effects- I did my fair share by creating the backgrounf sounds that you hear in the final edit.

In making the sound- we were inspired by music box sounds- which when played and editing correctly can sound very creepy and haunting. And so we editing around our sounds with a young girls voice, singing a long with the music box to create a haunting and ghostly effect.

In the prelim clip's- the actors voices were very hard to hear, which we did not re shoot in the prelim. This made it hard for the audience to hear what the actors were saying. Where as in 'Violet', we pre recorded Erika's voice to then edit it in as a voice over in the film when you hear "You did this" It is said by Erika Early on in the editing progress.


Over all-
Reflecting from our preliminary to our final edit, it is safe to say that time and planning play a huge part in  making a film. My organizational skills have accelerated to a person who likes to be on time as well as knowing that, leaving things to the last minute is not the best idea when in media studies- you should be really creative. And creativity cannot be rushed!!!

Not only have my organizational skills extended, but my awareness of the technology such as camera skills and the positions of the camera that can be done.
Out of everything- I have enjoyed editing the most as it is something that I have done outside of class to help me with my blogs- such as my media bogs that you can watch on youtube.

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