Thursday, 3 February 2011

Livetype and Sound

Livetype is a software that allows us to create titles for the thriller opening. We learnt how to edit the aesthetics of the typography (colour, font) as well as the movement that they can come into. Some of the effects were not 'thrilling' so we quickly learnt what kind of effects we will be able to use for a thriller.

Sound-track pro is another software that we will eventually use to add music and sound effects to the opening sequence. There are a mix up of different sounds from different genres and instruments that can be edited together to create a thrilling soundtrack. There are also pre-made soundtracks however, in my opinion, if we made on ourselves it would be more unique and be tailored to the

To edit the sounds together, you click onto the sound once and it will automatically be put into a babar. This is when we can edit different pieces of music over eachother with effects. This  is  also where you can adjust the length and tempo of the soundtracks.

As well as this we listened to the different sound effects that can be easily incorporated into the film opening. Sounds such as screaming and gun shots.

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