Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Intro to camera skills

In class we got to experiment with the cameras for the first time. Before we got to use the cameras we had to go through the safety rules.

We learnt about the safety rules we should follow when on location. These were:

  • To never take the cameras into dangerous places.
  • To never film illegal activities.
  • Only film in damp conditions with an umbrella.
  • Not run with the camera.
  • Ask for permission when filming in private places.

Then we learnt about filming rules.

  • How to set up  and take apart the tripod.
  • Put the memory card in.
  • Always have a memory card when filming.
  • Film all the clips on one memory card.
  • Allow about 5 seconds of tape before filming action.
  • Ask for permission when filming out of college hours and return camera at 9 o'clock the next day.
Finally, we learnt about different types of shots we can use when filming our thrillers:

        High angle.

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