Thursday, 17 February 2011

Evaluation Of Prelim Film

I feel that the final preliminary film came out rather good, taking into consideration we was short of a person which brings me to my first like of the preliminary which is the improvisation of acting out two characters by using shot reverse shot and a removal of a jacket. I also liked the reminiscent sound of gunshots and bullets falling to the floor connoting to the audience the cause of death without it being revealed, however the three gunshots do not sync with the different camera shots of the victim due to last minute editing. The music in my opinion also did not fall well with the scenario as well as the ticking sound which came out of no where and masked the dialogue. I particularly liked the fake blood on our victim as it looked very convincing with not too much and not too little creating a realistic crime scene. Overall, I feel that the preliminary was delivered efficiantly with the one short team and the time we had to prepare such a detailed preliminary.

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