Tuesday, 15 February 2011

What NOT To Include In The Video

Our teacher explained to us in class that some props and storylines are overused,

Try to avoid:


This is extremly cliche in student films as it is an obvious route to go down. Mise en scene can be thought about a bit more to make it look more realistic as a film.

Stalking. In the city, there are lots of backstreets which could look like a great opportunity to film some following action. However, as this has been done so many times our teacher advised us not to do this.


The fake guns we will have to use will look exactly that, fake. Also, taking weapons out into the public is dangerous, illegal and against the college's policy.


This is for similar reasons to the gun explanation, however, it is safe to use them like the kitchen sink scene in the opening of 'The 'Stepfather' as they are in a controlled and private environment.

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