Monday, 14 February 2011

Thriller Audiences

The movie industry as a whole is targeted towards a younger market. This is because they have the time and money to go to the cinema and watch films. However thrillers differ, aiming towards young adults and over (18 plus), as typically, they like a mental challenge. Also, the gore and psycological thrill can be a lot to handle. This is why so many thrillers are rated highly.

The Shining - 18
What lies Beneath - 15
Se7en - 18
Psycho - 15
The Stepfather - 15
Arlington Road - 15
Phone Booth - 15

These are just a few thriller ratings. As you can tell they are quite high, showing that violence is synonymous with thrillers.

Thrillers in general are viewed slightly more by women, however you could argue that men are a

In the suspense/thriller genre, 31 films were released in 2009, this is only 4% of the total films released in that year as there was a total of XX films released that year. Compared to action, comedy and animation genres, which accounted for 52% of box office takings, thrillers have a smaller niche. This is because they are open to a wider demographic of ages and gender, whereas thrillers have a very specific market as they are not as easy to watch.

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