Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I recently watched the 'block buster' film INCEPTION- now I don't usually download films on iTune's, but if I'm honest, I couldn't be bothered to spend the extra £4.00 on a film that I hadn't seen and had heard two opinions on what they thought of the film.
Personally, thought it was clever, intense and filled with action and thrills.
There was action, suspense and it kept you thinking all the way through.
The idea itself was really mind boggling and psychological, there are dreams in dreams and states that you cannot return etc.
The film is definitely one of those films that you would have to watch more than once as well as the director seems to want the audience to have their own opinion and choice of the ending of the film.
Heres the trailer, I recommend this film as it is definately one of those thrillers that you cannot miss.

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